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For example, they may build the software themselves but hire an external agency to test it. Other times, businesses will outsource the entire process from ideation and design to testing, debugging, and launch. Occasionally, even software developers outsource certain parts of the process. By outsourcing your software development, you can save outsourcing costs and take the risks of not meeting delivery deadlines. Moreover, outsourcing gives an organization an excellent chance to focus on other essential aspects of business, such as strategic development, research, and new marketing tactics.

The practice of outsourcing software development can help any business access modern technology and drive growth and innovation without putting undue strain on its resources. For instance, Google, a prominent tech company, outsourced the customer support process for AdWords as well as software maintenance and development to other technology vendors. Other well-known companies outsourcing software development services are Skype, Alibaba, Basecamp, etc. Overall, outsourcing software development service is more or less incorporating a strategic partner to help your company leverage emerging technologies. Outsourcing software development companies work with different industries and projects, therefore they have a multifaceted experience that may be useful to you.

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When you want to outsource your work to another company, ensure its culture does not go against your values. To understand the work culture of a company, check their social media or visit their office if possible to get an idea of their corporate culture. When you rely only on your internal team, you limit yourself to who you have in-house. What’s great is that outsourcing also decreases the chances of bad hires, who usually take a lot of resources from the company.

Why choose software development outsourcing

Unless you are running a software development business, it is not easy to build infrastructure, hire developers, and manage a separate software development team. If you have an in-house software engineering team, handling more tasks or projects that are out of their scope is challenging. If you are ready to partner with an outsourcing team with years of outsourcing software development experience and a track record of successful outsourcing solutions, contact the team at Invid today. Founded in 2003, Award-winning software development company INVID is a versatile, custom software engineer designed to create the right solution for your business. The main reasons why companies outsource software development go far beyond cost reduction.

Where to Avoid the Pitfalls of Outsourcing

Another thing you should be aware of is what methodology the software outsourcing company follows. Here at Unosquare, we believe that agile software development is ideal for software projects. Data shows that agile projects are 28% more successful than traditional projects. This is, in large part, because feedback happens continuously through the development process. Developing custom software applications is at the heart of all IT outsourcing services.

  • On the other hand, outsourcing is simple and can be studied if you have some skills in IT.
  • In addition, we have a strong database of potential senior candidates, and we can flexibly increase a project’s resources in a short time.
  • Software development outsourcing might benefit the entire company, not only results in a great app.
  • The global market for outsourced services is worth an astonishing $92.5 billion — and that’s only set to grow as more companies continue to leverage external teams’ capabilities.
  • When choosing a software development company, you should have expectations in mind.
  • As the fastest growing outsourcing company, at BairesDev we strive to drive the software development industry forward.

Be mindful of your budget and understand that it’s more important to choose a software outsourcing company that can deliver the quality you need. Quality assurance and testing can come as standalone or integrated services and should be the result of a deep understanding of your business goals and applications. Outsourcing QA helps your product commit to the highest quality standards in the market, drives innovation, and adds insightful value to the software development life cycle. You might be concerned about the communication level, confidentiality and additional costs. If you’re not involved enough, you may lose control over the outsourced project. Choosing the wrong development company might even result in your app failure.

The opportunity to gather a cross-functional team faster

Ukrainian engineers are well versed in most popular technologies, including AI/ML, blockchain, big data, and others. So, you can be sure that you will find here a team that will meet your expectations regarding expertise, price, and desired tech stack. Such world-known startups as Grammarly, Jooble, GitLab, Depositphotos were developed by Ukrainian engineers. Finding the right software developer to outsource your project is a multifaceted process. The first step is identifying your requirements and searching for the best developer for your project.

Why choose software development outsourcing

One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing your software development is gaining access to better technologies that are not available within your company or country due to budget constraints. It is highly likely that outsourcing companies will have better software tools and platforms than you do. Although this is an important matter for an in-house team, it’s not the same for an outsourced development team.


On a related note, it’s important to dedicate someone from your company to liaison with the outsourcing team. While it’s tempting to just turn everything over to a third party, you still need to be kept in the loop so you can reach your goals and avoid any surprises. The agile methodology is a great way to collaborate efficiently and keep everyone in the loop.

Why choose software development outsourcing

A strong team that works well together can achieve better results and overcome challenges. To promote collaboration, it takes effort, communication, and continuous… Expert recommendation — Ask a company’s representatives about involvement in more detail. Also, read reviews submitted by real clients to learn more about the level of control over development processes in a particular company.

Specialized Skills and Expertise:

Check out the map below, and you’ll see that hourly rates in Eastern Europe, where the Uptech team works, are between $25-50, which is significantly lower than in Western Europe, U.S., and Canada. From our experience, developing a web app of the middle complexity takes 1200 hours or 3 months and a team of 5 specialists. With the average rates at $40-50/hour, it’ll cost you $48K – $60K to build a web product with an outsourcing company like Uptech. Any developers you hire on a full-time basis must have a broad range of skills and be suited to different projects your business plans to undertake in the future. Here are 5 main reasons why outsourcing software development is good for your business based on real-life examples of top companies.

Why choose software development outsourcing

Explore the projects completed by a company before outsourcing developers. It will help you learn more about their expertise to understand if they can complete challenging tasks. This post will share what you should be aware of before you go down this path. Keep reading to learn what a software outsourcing company is and how to choose the right one for your project. Setting ExpectationsWhen choosing a software development company, you should have expectations in mind. Before launching the app, you need to create a marketing strategy to gain customers and make the project successful.

How Much Does It Cost to Design an App in 2022?

At the same time, outsourcing companies are accountable for the outcome of a project. That’s why outsourcing is a perfect method if you want your project to be done by the time you need it. Instead of hiring new employees for your in-house team, you can outsource the required skills for a fixed time span. The external team can work on the components in their skillset, while the internal team is responsible for pacing up the delivery. With the rapid pace of technological change and the increasing demand for software development services, businesses often require specialized skills and expertise that may not be available in-house. By outsourcing software development tasks to a third-party provider, businesses can tap into the specialized skills and expertise they need to achieve their goals.

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