Tamam Food

Tamam means perfection, being complete. It is also the name we chose when we set forth our goal to provide you with the best quality poultry, by offering consistently great tasting chicken that our customers tell us is the most tender and juicy chicken out there.

Today, Tamam Chicken is the first national brand of chicken that is fed exclusively a 100% vegetable-grain diet, supervised and licensed by the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture. The feed contains a premium blend of vegetable-grain, vitamins and minerals with no animal by-products or animal fats. The result is a leaner product that is lower in fat and higher in protein, making it a market leading, healthy choice.

Tamam is the only national poultry brand to offer a complete line of premium chicken for a variety of year-round meal occasions. The Tamam product line includes fresh and frozen whole chickens and chicken parts.

Tamam is trusted for premium poultry people take pride in serving, on both special occasions and every day of the week.



We are proud to hold certification of international prominence such as the ISO and HACCP. The ISO 9001 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)

Concepts covers all types of potential food safety hazard: biological, physical, and chemical, whether they are naturally occurring in the food, contributed by the environment, or generated by a flaw in the manufacturing process. certificates

All of this is so that the final product will come out the way our customers expect .